The Suckadelic Sausage Party

suckshow close

The Suckadelic Sausage Party (the closing party) will be taking place later today (January 23rd 2011) from 3PM until 6PM at Boo-Hooray Gallery.

Don't miss the unveiling of a new exclusive Sucklord figure, rumored to be the most disappointing figure since Sucklord 66. And The Sucklord will be presenting his new performance art piece, "The Sucklord is Present," a 3-hour static, silent piece, in which he will sit immobile, while spectators are invited to take turns sitting opposite him.

Suckadelic Supervillans - Vectar, Gay Homotropper, Mary Paper$, and Another Bitch - will be on hand selling signed headshots for $uckbux. $uckbux can be earned at the party, as Boo-Hooray Gallery will be happy to pay you $uckbux for your Suckadelic fan artwork. Bring your pieces, or make them at the Suckadelic crafting table.

Boo-Hooray Gallery
521 West 23rd Street
New York, NY, 10011

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