sprogs editionB 1

Cris Rose has announced the release of Sprogs Edition B (Ice Blues). These 2.5" hand made resin robots will drop on January 19th 2011 at 18:00 London time. These are available as 15 blind boxes at $35 (+postage). There will also be a selection of 3 Sprog sets at $95 (+postage) in the form of the Lab Pack (Reticle/Reason/Reflux) and the Wall Pack (Roche/Rockford/Rue).

sprogs editionB 2

Reticle, Reason and Reflux are all laboratory assistant bots, each with their particular specialities, but all carrying sample canisters around the labs on their little hunchbacks.

Roche, Rockford and Rue are all emergency and crowd control robots designed for use inside buildings and facilities where Ramparts would be unable to maneuver. Hovering out of their little alcoves when needed, they form protective walls by stacking on top of each other. Each model has their own personality that determines how they react to situations.

sprogs editionB