“Made In Japan” / NOT !

warui inu

Kaiju Coup sent along this photo. The photo is named Warui Inu. Not sure if that has anything to do with the actual figure. But this is the only info that was provided:

"Made In Japan" / NOT !
Available next week maybe.

8 thoughts on ““Made In Japan” / NOT !

      1. @plasticandplush LOL. I don’t make toys anymore and they always call me back every year. Industry is in bad shape, lotsa junk!

      2. @plasticandplush Video games have toy comps playing it safe and is killing the creative elements. Very sad.

          1. @plasticandplush I don’t don’t expect much from Toy Fair (again) this year to be honest. It’s just not the same like back in the day.

          2. @plasticandplush The movie guys are still in there just with way smaller displays. We used to go hang at MGM..eck no more

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