KAWS x Standard Light Bulb Set

kaws bulb green kaws bulb purple kaws bulb red

The Standard Hotel is collaborating with KAWS on a set of limited edition filament light bulbs. The set consists of three different filament bulbs (red, purple and green) featuring KAWS signature XX mark. Each 3 watt bulb is crystal clear, round, and measures 4.75" x 2.25". These are limited to 1,000 sets and are available for $65.00 per set (via the above link).

kaws bulb

Along with the light bulbs, two different types of KAWS pillows in multiple colors and KAWS companion key chains will be exclusively available for sale at New York shop.

kaws bulb package

One thought on “KAWS x Standard Light Bulb Set

  1. Awesome design, the XX sign should represent dead comic eyes, but I just don’t see that in the bulbs. They’re just cool. A perfect complementary design feature for a hotel, or a restaurant. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t buy them for home use.

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