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The Hundreds have created a pair of Garfield vinyl toys featuring Jim Davis' cartoon fat cat on a skate deck. This one will be available in both orange (400 pieces) and black (100 pieces) editions. It features 6 points of articulation, a cut and sew Black Adam Tee, and a mini replica Hundreds x Garfield skate deck.

Both colorways of The Hundreds' Garfield vinyl toy will be available on Monday December 20th 2010 via The Loyal Subjects web store.

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I know a lot is being made around the designer toy community about this figure...and the majority is not good news. Personally, I look at it in the same vein as Span of Sunset's Cheshire Cat or Medicom's Disney and Peanuts lines. They're attempting to take an iconic cartoon character (albeit B or C level icon) and introduce it into the designer toy world.

I would have loved this figure...say...20-some odd years ago. But after the complete saturation of Garfield crap that happened in the 80's and those horrible live-action Garfield movies of the 2000's, I'm not sure why this needed to be made. The Hundreds appear to be deeply invested in Garfield, as they have shoes, hats, t-shirts, accessories and sweatshirts that are adorned with the orange cat. So - to answer my own question - I'm guessing they wanted a designer toy Garfield to help market their Garfield designer fashion line.


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