lunabee ponstos 1

Sarah Miskelly (aka Lunabee) has completed work on what's the best looking Paw custom I have ever seen. The unfortunate's not for sale. The custom, named Pontos, was a commission piece.

Background Story:

Pontos is the ruler of all the ocean and all the creatures within. An aggressive and sometime brutal king, Pontos' mood can be foretold by the actions of the waves - when all is calm Pontos is in good spirits, but when the waves are crashing and whirlpools erupt, all the sea creatures know to stay clear. Pontos has 3 guards who protect him day and night, the Octopi - Clio, Xantho and Opis. Xantho has the very special job of guarding Pontos' heart to ensure that the king can rule for eternity.

lunabee pontos 2

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