little stranger from the deep 2

Holly from A Little Stranger has created From The Deep for The Omi Show, which takes place on Saturday December 11th 2010 at Munky King in LA. If you're interested in picking up this piece, it will be available on the night of the show for $170.00

Here's how Holly describes the piece:

Inspired by those documentaries about all the creepy creature that live way deep down under the sea, the tentacles and muzzle give off an eerie glow when the lights go out, and coupled with the white fur he glows bright cyan and yellow under UV light. From The Deep started life as a blank white monkey Omi, and I used glow-in-the-dark polymer clay, faux fur, acrylic paint and glass eyes to create him as you see him now. The mount-board is solid wood, varnished to a high gloss finish. He comes with a picture hook for hanging on a wall, and a kickstand so he can be displayed on a flat surface or shelf.

little stranger from the deep 1

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