foox Elemental Badger 1

David Foox has revealed photos of the second prototype for his upcoming vinyl collectible - the Elemental Badgers. The Elemental Badgers offer the world a view into the nexus between Science, Nature, and Magic. Limited to a production run of 500 pieces and in 5 colorways, each Elemental Badger will be handpainted, named, and numbered by the artist. These will each be 6" tall and estimated to retail for $250.00 each ($1,199 for the complete set), with an estimated launch date in Q1 of 2011.

Foox describes the line as follows:

The Elemental Badgers play upon the 5 elements of Nature (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Soul), the elements of the periodic table (noble gases, flammables, liquids, metals, etc) and the different branches of the military (Air Force, Rangers, Marines, SEALS, etc) - making each individual badger a work of unique meticulously crafted art.

In Japanese mythology, the badger was put in a sack and beaten to bring forth good luck. Each of these elemental totems carries with it a small ruin for exactly that purpose. So rather than beating the poor Elemental Badger for good luck, we transferred the luck to the ruin and on to you!

foox Elemental Badger 2

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