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Day 13 of Giveaways: Argonaut Resins

ar ChaseKingPear2

Well...this is the last day for Plastic and Plush's 12 13 Days of Xmas Giveaways. We're sad. You're sad. Everyone is sad to see the end of our 2010 giveaways. But we're closing out the year in giving away a special prize from Argonaut Resins. One lucky reader will take away a Kings Of Atlantis White Pearl Chase King resin, as well as a blind-boxed Talisman Magnet.

Let us know your favorite Christmas (or other holiday) gift

There are two ways to enter (enter both ways to double your chances):

1. Leave a comment on this post
2. Send a Tweet to @plasticandplush and @ArgonautResins

This contest runs:

FROM: December 26th 2010 at 10:30 AM EST
TO: December 27th 2010 at 10:30 AM EST
December 27th 2010 at 8:30 PM EST

ar ChaseKingPearl3
ar SolidPearlWhiteKOA



My favorite christmas gift was given to me this year & it’s sappy! my gift was my dad living to see this christmas. last christmas he had his spleen & 1/2 his pancreas removed & we made funeral arrangements – no wai he was living. Well, the boogie lived and he was able to wear matching embroidered pajamas to the 2010 family gathering.

mike stratford

this 13 days was so cool! so many great companies! my favorite thing i got was a vintage soda pack1 12 bottles of soda! i also got some mini mighty muggs! i love em!

Noel Drumbor

oops…favorite holiday gift…
my twins sons got a gift from their cousin…a 3 foot M & M candy display dressed in a santa hat and filled with gifts. totally out did anything we had for them

Sean K

My favorite gift this year was two custom portrait Munnys from my girlfriend she painted fr me. BUUUUT this will be my favorite if I score one, these things are beautiful.


Thanks for the giveaway!
Favorite gift this year would be my Apple magic trackpad.

mike m

Call of Duty Black Ops


Yessss, i need more skulls!


My favorite gift this year were the pair of sneakers I had to buy myself. Otherwise, I didn’t really get anything.

Craig Marze

Love the KOA skulls! My favorite gift this year was a space heater so my downstairs office isn’t freezing!


My favorite Christmas gift was a Nintendo 64 when they first came out.


Best X-mas gift was my folks brought home A Scotty Terrier puppy when I was about 8 years old.She was all black with a big red bow..adorable !

Stuart Bouwman

The best gift I ever got came last year and it was a set of figures from James Jarvis’ In Crowd series, “THE AGE OF METAL”

Virginia Stopinski

My favorite Christmas gift is first and foremost spending Christmas (and Christmas Eve) with my family. 🙂 Also, my favorite Christmas “gift” gift this year is being able to get a Xmas Tuttz #10! Thank you Eric for making these beautiful resin figures! 😀


@plasticandplush My fave Christmas gift is definitely spending Christmas Eve & Christmas with my family & being able to get a Xmas Tuttz!

Virginia Stopinski

Oh, and thank you Plastic and Plush for these giveaways! 😀

Geoffrey Vogt

My favorite Christmas gift was an N64 when I was a kid. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I was so happy. Good Christmas.

Scott Yates

My favorite gift this year was home made chocolates in the shape of girls with big boobs & bunny ears.

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