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Cris Rose has released photos of his custom WWRp Bertie for the "Mechanical Machinations" show taking place at Toy Art Gallery on December 11th 2010. This one is named Priapus...luckily he doesn't have priapism.

Here's the character's backstory:

The development of Priapus stemmed from a desire to reverse the damage caused to flora by pollution over the preceding centuries. Research into the quantum mechanisms of photosynthesis revealed an opportunity to directly boost any plant's energy level artificially within the roots themselves, all that was needed was a delivery system. Outfitted with 2 sizable containers of super symmetric accelerants and equipped with a hand-held resonant amplifier, Priapus was able to give a literal booster shot to mother nature by filling the chambers and firing it directly into the ground beneath him. The shockwave generated would flood the roots of every plant within a radius of 2 miles with the energetic equivalent of 6 months of summer sun, stimulating exceptional growth. A unexpected side effect was the damage done to the plants RNA by such energetic bombardments, something only apparent decades later when test areas developed uniquely mutated species never seen before. While some mutations were ultimately detrimental, many viable new species displayed exceptional regenerative potentials for medical science.

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