cris rose moonbase 1

Here's another one of Cris Rose's customs for the Metallic Machinations show that will open today at Toy Art Gallery. Named Moonbase Groundworks, the trio of earth moving robot bodies (made from WWR Squares) contain little Sprogs piloting them around the Lunar surface.


Entirely robotic Moonbases had been in place for decades, mining the craters for resources and acting as an assembly and launching stage for the majority of robonaut missions to the outer planets. Needing very little personal space, no atmosphere and very little power, these bases could be compact and efficient and were generally landed from orbit or free-roaming platforms.

The desire to establish permanent human research colonies called for much larger structures to be constructed, giant errections housing everything from food production greenhouses to recreation and fitness biodomes. The job of preparing the groundworks on the moon was tasked to a team of specially reprogrammed maintenance Sprogs, outfitted with their own power suits to pilot. Each base was given a color code, Moonbase Alpha was blue, Sigma was Yellow and the highly restricted Moonbased Omega, built on the dark side for Omega Tellurion, was White. Each power suit was outfitted with a different earth-moving tool, from diggers to ploughs and giant drills for the foundations.

cris rose moonbase 2

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