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There will be a number of customs by Cris Rose at the Metallic Machinations show that takes place tomorrow at Toy Art Gallery. This one, named Duster, uses an Ape Explorer figure from Adam Kingdom as the base piece.


Duster has a single task, to collect samples of moon dust from all over the lunar surface in search of rich sources of Deuterium. Also known as Heavy Hydrogen, Helium-3 is the critical fuel for all Nuclear Fusion reactors and is present in massive quantities on the moon. With the drive to build multiple moonbases for permanent human habitation, siting them near a heavy deposit of the isotope is extremely important. Orbital surveyors were found to be effective, but limited to what lies upon the surface, Duster is deployed from orbit to more closely investigate promising sites. Essentially a walking Hoover, Duster's primary method of analysis is to suck up samples and analyze them in his back-pack laboratory. Promising specimens are directed to the storage vessels on his waist for later categorizing and storage. Interesting rock samples can also be picked up and exampled optically using a projecting mass spectrometer in Duster's head. When a useful one is found, the fragment is crushed between Duster's fingers and hoovered up for further analysis. On completion of the survey area, Duster will bound back towards base at high velocity, building up speed with every stride, until in near-orbit, until finally crashing down in a huge crater just outside of the lunar laboratory.

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