cris rose buffup 1 cris rose buffup 2

Cris Rose has been busy...very busy...creating customs for the Metallic Machinations show opening tonight at Toy Art Gallery. These customs - named BuffUp Robobrains - make use of a pair of Buff Monster pieces.


After a slightly embarrassing recall and some swift reprogramming, the BuffUp Bot range of autonomous cleaning solutions proved to be extremely popular with commercial and retail clients. Over a certain size, however, the fleet became chaotic and counter-productive. What was called for was some sort of overmind to guide the smaller units like a hive. The Buffup Robobrains addressed this need and came in 2 flavours - "Big Brain" and "Two Minds"

Big Brain sported a highly advanced communications node that linked together as many as 6000 tiny BuffUp bots into a single collective, allowing them to visualise the skyscraper or campus they were responsible for cleaning as a single robotic intelligence. Two Minds offered similar capabilities, but split between two groups that, while able to operate independently, were also able to talk to each other and work more efficiently through the exchange of perspectives.

It wasn't long before the, aherm, "quirks" of original models had been forgotten about by all but collectors.

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