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"Alter Boy" is a new series centered on the original character "Fat Face" created by Graphic Airlines and manufactured by G999. After releasing Version 1 DJ style [MC Star Salor], Graphicairline's Alter Boy is now releasing Version 2 [Mr. Fred].

[Mr. Fred] is a grass-root royalty. Wearing Oxford shoes with a thick framed glass, he expressed the unique charisma of an London scholar. Even though he grew up in the public house in Choi Hung Estate, he is actually a blue blood in heart and dreamt of studying in Oxford University in United Kingdom. He still couldn't go because of lack of funds, but he is making money very hard hoping one day he can fulfill his dream.

The 5" tall Alter Boy is limited to only 50 pieces. You can order one for $80.00. For more information, contact order@g-999.com.

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