toybreak blindbox

This Saturday - November 20th 2010 - join Toy Break at 11AM for the World’s Biggest “Blindbox Time” at DesignerCon 2010.

Join the hosts of Toy Break, George and Ayleen Gaspar, for the largest recorded group blindbox opening. To participate, bring an unopened blindbox toy from home or buy one at the show. Participants will be counted and the event will be recorded for submission to the Universal Record Database as the world’s largest group blindbox opening.

When asked about the upcoming event, Toy Break host/producer George Gaspar noted, “What’s more exciting than opening a blindbox? Opening it with friends!” Ayleen Gaspar continued, “I think opening blind box toys brings back a little of that childhood excitement of finding the prize in a box of Cracker Jacks, opening a pack of trading cards, or simply tearing into a present. It's all about the mystery. I can’t wait!

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