Tesselate's 20 DAYS / 20 DROIDS continues with the release of DROID 2 & DROID 3. One droid is available daily Monday - Friday at 6PM London, UK Time - Weekend times will be announced via his Twitter.

tesselate beverage boy X7

DROID 2: Beverage Boy X7

Have you ever wondered how your beverage manages to taste the same EVERY SINGLE TIME you take a sip?. Some people think it's all part of a perfectly balanced recipe, and years of expertise, but alas they are wrong.

Beverage Boy X7 is who you have to thank.

tesselate b5050

DROID 3: B5050

Let's get busy with B5050. This Droid just cannot help himself, he is always fixing broken fax machines, photocopiers, vending machines as well as fixing fax machines, photocopiers and vending machines which aren't broken. Droid Madness!!

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