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To date, Patch Together has brought six of Paul Taylor's Wapsi Square characters to collectible reality. If you're not familiar with Wapsi Square, it's Taylor's webcomic series that revolves around main character Monica and a fictitious neighborhood in the Minneapolis, MN area. One of the newest Wapsi figures released by Patch Together is Acacia “Bud” Budur.

This is "Bud" from the graphic novel Wapsi Square. One third of the ancient chimera and golem guardian to Monica. Bud appears in the form of an 18 year old gawky blond girl but she can also manifest into a monstrous looking goat. Bud tends to still have her young adult fussiness and clings to what is simple. Her fondest memory is listening to the night wind while sitting by her family’s small oil lamp. She’s fiercely loyal to Monica but reminds her that she is still very dangerous and could eventually turn on her, as she feels herself to be a machine.

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The Facts

Acacia “Bud” Budur
Series: Wapsi Square
Manufacturer: Patch Together
Artist: Paul Taylor
Material: Resin
Dimensions: 9” tall
Points of Articulation: Zero


Bud is packaged in a plain white box between a pair of cut Styrofoam pieces.

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Our Opinion

Bud is the third Patch Together/Wapsi Square resin figure that we've reviewed on Plastic and Plush. And while I thought the previous two (Monica with Eightball Tee and Tepoz) were troubled by sculpting issues and pricing woes, respectively, they've stepped up their game with Acacia Budur.

If you're not familiar with Wapsi Square, Paul Taylor's webcomic features a cast of ladies in varying shapes and sizes. It's an interesting tale with female empowerment as a central message...and it features some well-drawn characters.

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The first thing you notice is how the sculpting work really reflects the illustrated version of Bud. The boxiness of the face, the hairstyle, even the stance are all sculpted accurately. But it takes more than sculpting – there's also the paint.

The paint on this piece is what raises it from an average piece. I like that Patch Together has only partially painted Bud's teeth. There's a little bit of hair around the face and an eyebrow that somehow missed a little paint. Also, I would have preferred it if they went with a matte paint on the entire figure (the dress is a glossy purple). With all of that said, overall, I like the paintwork on this piece.

OVERALL: Bud is by far and away my favorite of the Wapsi Square/Patch Together collaborations. They've done a really good job replicating Taylor's illustration style into a three-dimensional form. Actually - the upcoming Monica resin looks like Patch Together and the Wapsi Square characters are starting to gel.

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You can pick one up at the following: $52.00

Acacia "Bud" Budur Grades

Figure Quality: 8/10
   Sculpt: 9/10
   Paint: 8/10
Accessories/Outfit: N/A
Packaging: 6/10
Durability: 6/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 7/10

Overall: 8.3/10

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