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Seymour’s Custom Doll House

seymour house front
seymour house back

For the past four months, Seymour has been working away on this Custom Doll House that was created for the Blooom Art Fair in Cologne Germany.

"My goal was to make everything from scratch from the floorboards to roofing tiles and window frames. I used various woods, plastics and clays to build the outside and then painted it with housing paints and varnish and wood stains on the balconies."

The inside of the house is divided into 10 rooms, with each room separate from each other. It measures almost 5.25 feet in height. If you want to get a look of the house, it will be exhibited at the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin in February 2011.

seymour room 1
seymour room 3
seymour room 2

Fetal Hello Kitty (Fetal Cosplay)

freeny fetal hello kitty

Jason Freeny is at it again. The man who has brought you some of your favorite classic characters, sliced up for all to see, is back with a take on a tiny little Hello Kitty. The Fetal Hello Kitty (Fetal Cosplay) piece is a little creepy.'s A LOT creepy!

freeny fetal hello kitty 2

Shawnimals Ninja of the Month: Master Ninja

shawnimals notm12 1

Shawnimals has announced that the 12th and final Ninja of the Month 2010 release will take place on Wednesday December 1st 2010 at 1PM CST. For this one, they're going back in a time when Ol' Master Ninja was just Master Ninja, and he wasn't nearly as crotchety and his beard wasn't nearly as long as it is now.

This Shawnimal, like other Ninja of the Month plushies, is limited to a run of 100 pieces and sells for $30.00.

shawnimals notm 2

Sprogs Edition C(hristmas)

crose sprogs 2

On December 1st 2010, at 6PM London time (1PM EST), Cris Rose will be releasing his Sprogs Edition C(hristmas). For those wondering...Edition B will actually be released in January 2011. 

The run will be made up of 15 blind boxes (including 1 Elf Chase) running $35 plus shipping. Also, Cris will be offering up five full sets of 7 figures (6 red, white and silver Sprogs and 1 Elf) that will cost $210 plus shipping. That sums to 50 pieces in Edition C.

crose sprogs 1


New paint jobs are common place for Sprogs owned by businesses who serve the general public; be it at a shopping mall, leisure centre or fine dining establishment. On purchase, many are sold with a "Seasonal Package" which sees them all ushered into the back of a mobile fitting workshop a few times a year and autonomously given a fresh coat of paint to reflect the occasion. A popular option at Christmas time is the "Little Saint Nick" look, sporting bright red livery and little white beards. Some shop owners even go so far as adding tinsel, baubles and little sacks of presents, but this isn't recommended as it really confuses them.

A less popular outfit is the "Snow Covered Elf", partly because most people prefer to see little Santas whizzing about the place, but also because the micro snow accumulators that are stuck to the body are an additional cost and cause them to leave little puddles of melting ice all over the place. So if you catch sight of a little Elf this season, consider yourself very lucky!

crose sprogs 8
crose sprogs 7
crose sprogs 6
crose sprogs 5
crose sprogs 4
crose sprogs 3

Monstre Monday

monstre monday

Monstre Hero will be having a huge sale starting today (November 29th 2010) at 12 Noon PST. The first 5 orders to use the coupon code "MONSTREMONDAY" will receive 10% off their whole order. In the store will be our newest editions to the MH line...T-Shirts!

Cyber Monday at The Poster Cause Project

pcp monday

The Poster Cause Project is offering 40% Off everything in their online store. The Cyber Monday sale runs until 11:59 PM today (Monday, November 29th 2010). By using coupon code "CYBER40" upon checkout, you will receive 40% off your entire order.

REMARK Custom Mega Dunny

rotobox remark 1

The newest custom piece from Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica is a Custom Mega Dunny called "REMARK" or "Robot Engineered for Music + Art by Rotobox for Kramer". And Remark is Kramer spelled backwards. This custom is for the Art Assault - Gibson Charity Show taking place at Art Basel in Miami this December.

rotobox remark 2
rotobox remark 3

Dead Presidents x Callgrim

dead presidents callgrim 2

Hmm...Dead Presidents x Callgrim? Just in time for the holidays...maybe. Details have not been revealed just yet, but we do have these amazing photos to ogle at. Matt Walker has worked his magic yet again.

dead presidents callgrim 1

New One-Offs from Uh Oh Toys

uhoh nagaremon red

Uh Oh Toys has released a trio of one-off handmade resin figures. Pictured above is the Nagaremon - Red Sparkle Edition, which quickly sold out ($25.00). Below, it's a pair of Earth Destroyer figures - Gold and Clear Silver. They're currently available for $15.00 each.

uhoh earth destroyer gold
uhoh earth destroyer clear

Cyber Monday at Dragatomi

dragatomi CM

With Black Friday over, Dragatomi is gearing up for a big Cyber Monday Sale. Receive 25% off your order when you enter the code: "cybertomi" during checkout. (Please note that all artwork, custom pieces and sale items are not included for the discount.)

The sale starts at Midnight on November 29th 2010 and runs for only 24 hours.