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FAO Exclusive Flatwoodsey

ugly fao flatwoodsey

There was a new exclusive Uglydoll released by the folks at FAO Schwarz. The Flatwoodsey Classic Uglydoll (that's the foot tall version) is an FAO exclusive color variant. looks sorta red. You can currently pick one up for $24.99.

Faith Comes by FOOX

foox faith comes

FOOX has released a new limited edition hand-signed poster. Faith Comes is an 18" x 24" poster limited to a run of 100 pieces. You can pick one of them up for $20.00 through the above link.

Lapin Qbiq Colorz Customs

lapin qbiq colorz

The Dirty Cream Online Shop & Gallery has released 30 customs from the Lapin Qbiq Colorz exhibition and tour. These one-of-a-kind customs are from French artists:


The 7" tall Lapin Qbiq (7") is the first DIY toy from French designer FAKIR. Each custom is available for only 100€ ($130) through The Dirty Cream.

lapin qbiq colorz 1

Shawnimals’ Ninja of the Month 2011 Subscription

shawnimals Notm2011 Promo

Shawnimals will be releasing their Ninja of the Month 2011 Subscription beginning on December 5th 2010 at 11AM CST. You'll be able to purchase the sub from Shawnimals for $400.00 (US domestic) or $450.00 (international).

While they have a complete rundown of everything included with the yearly subscription, you'll be getting all 12 Ninja of the Month releases with signed and numbered tags, a poster, certificate, sticker and button with every figure and freebies every other month.

shawnimals sketch teaser

REVIEW: Francis Love Bunny

ingri francis 01


Artist Ingri Von Bergen began creating handmade plushies based on her illustrated characters. She launched her company – House of Ingri – with those creations landing at several of the big toy boutique shops in NYC. They were also featured in their very own book: Me! Me! ABC. In 2006, the line went into “hibernation” due to the demands of a one person operation.

In 2010, Ingri relaunched the House of Ingri with her first series of plush characters – Francis & Friends. The series currently consists of five different characters, the first of which we'll be reviewing here – Francis Love Bunny.

Straight from the tag: Francis is a love bunny, (he thinks you're a love bunny too) his dream is to be loved someday, by some bunny like you.

ingri francis 02
ingri francis 03

The Facts

Francis Love Bunny
Series: Francis & Friends
Manufacturer: House of Ingri
Artist: Ingri Von Bergen
Material: Fleece plush with acrylic eyes and nose
Dimensions: 15.5” tall

ingri francis 04


The tag is made up of two parts. The front, white tag features the House of Ingri logo, while the blue tag has the name of the character and a short bio on the back.

ingri francis 07

Our Opinion

In the land of plush, it's all about making your character unique. And that's the first thing I noticed about the Francis Love Bunny plush. It's surprisingly unique. The first thing you notice about this character are his eyes. They were designed with a circular piece of fabric that functions as the eyelids. There's a small oval cutout in the center, so you can see most of the actual acrylic eyeball. It gives Francis a tired (err...stoned) look.

Francis also features an embroidered grinning mouth and a faux suede heart on his chest. There's a weird little plastic nose on the front (you'll either love it or hate it) and a nubby tail on the rear.

ingri francis 08

Something else that might not be apparent...the plush has some weight to it thanks to beans (not the baked variety). The arms and lower rear portion of the Francis plush are stuffed with beans. It doesn't help with sitting or standing, but it does add a little weight and texture to the plush.

The seam work is all well done. I don't see any major issues there. No loose strings or sloppy lines. The plush is soft, but it's somewhat offset by the plastic eyes and nose.

OVERALL: Fans of Me! Me! ABC are going to love getting their hands on several of the plush characters from the book. But the Francis & Friends line, particularly Francis, can be enjoyed by everyone. The appeal of the Francis plush is all in the eyelids. If you take them away, you have a completely different character. If you have a plush fan in your life...they're gonna love Francis.

You can pick one up at the following: $24.99

Francis Love Bunny Grades

Plush Quality: 9/10
    Stitching: 9/10
    Material: 9/10
Softness: 8/10
Packaging/Tag: 6/10
Cuteness: 9/10
Fun Factor: 9/10
Value: 8/10

Overall: 9.2/10

ingri francis 05
ingri francis 06
ingri francis 09

CPASSEK Custom Shirt

gangtoyz tee Cpassek

Gangtoyz has released a new, limited edition silkscreen shirt design. Limited to only 15 tees (10 medium and 5 large), you can pick up the CPASSEK Custom t-shirt for only 23€ (about $30).

gangtoyz tee shirt

Killertoy Shop Deals

kf custom1 copia

This year, make your Christmas wish list in the Killertoy Shop. Until January 20th 2011, you can choose the Kingfish gray edition or Kingfish gold edition for €35 (about $47) and you will receive a "Kill All Toys" t-shirt and an original handmade pencil sketch on paper by Kingfish - for free. Also, you instantly get the opportunity to win the mini-munny Gold Kingfish custom.

Mikie Graham’s “Mr Sparkle” Homer

mr sparke photo add

Shown off at DesignerCon, Mikie Graham's Qee custom was inspired by The Simpsons episode #175 - "In Marge We Trust" - where Homer finds a Japanese dish detergent box with HIS face on it. The "Mr Sparkle" Homer was created using a combination of hand sculpting and airbrush painting techniques.

Mr Sparkle is now a permanent part of the Homer Qee custom tour and will be traveling with Toy2R to various conventions and trade shows. This custom is currently not available for sale, but you can always contact Mikie ( for commission work.

mr sparkel ad

Sam Flynn Collectible Figure with Light Cycle

HT Tron  Legacy  Sam Flynn Collectible Figure with Light Cycle PR1

Hot Toys has announced their 1/6th scale Sam Flynn Collectible Figure with Light Cycle from TRON: Legacy. The set is specially equipped with the Light Cycle with an LED light-up function, together with the highly detailed Sam Flynn collectible specially crafted based on the image of Garrett Hedlund. The piece is scheduled to be released in Q2 or Q3 of 2011.

HT Tron  Legacy  Sam Flynn Collectible Figure with Light Cycle PR7

The figure set includes:

• Two heads including one with an undetachable helmet
• Pair of gloved palms for driving the Light Cycle
• Three extra legs
• BLACK helmet
• Light Cycle with LED light-up function (white light, battery operated)

HT Tron  Legacy  Sam Flynn Collectible Figure with Light Cycle PR10

Uglydoll Watches

ugly watch babo b
ugly watch babo

The Uglydoll crew revealed a project that they've been tirelessly working on - Uglydoll Watches. Now these aren't your cheap-o drugstore watches. The genuine white ceramic case and bracelet features a stainless steel bezel surrounded by genuine Swarovski crystals and a butterfly buckle closure.

ugly watch ice bat b
ugly watch ice bat

The Ugly Watches are currently available in six styles: White and Black versions featuring Ice-Bat, Babo and Ox. And the white and black versions are different character images.

Look for these to begin shipping on December 5th 2010. They will retail for $495.00 each.

ugly watch ox b
ugly watch ox