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Jomike Tejido has created a line of cardboard robot toys called Foldabots. They have been running in a monthly magazine - K-Zone Philippines - since 2006. But Jomike has actually been creating paper characters since second grade.

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The Foldabots now have toy books, a card game, and - soon to be launched on November 7th 2010 - a tabletop board game called Foldabots Dark Ages, where players run game prisms and move highly-detailed miniature warriors across an exciting desktop game. The Dark Ages tells the mystic past behind each character’s past life, of how the war all began. The amazing thing is, all game pieces, prism dice and official game board are in the book, and require hours of assembly.

Foldabots ToyBook 3 will also be launched on Sunday November 7th at Powerbooks Greenbelt in Makati City.

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