ht Platoon Serenger Barnes PR2

Hot Toys has announced the 1/6th scale Sergeant Barnes Collectible Figure from the movie - Platoon. The highly detailed Sergeant Barnes collectible is specially crafted based on the image of actor Tom Berenger from the film.

The Sergeant Barnes Collectible Figure includes the following:

• Five interchangeable palms
• Rifle
• Pistol
• Pack of magazines
• Bayonet with leather-like sheath
• Safe keeper with scabbard
• Two grenades

ht Platoon Serenger Barnes PR14 ht Platoon Serenger Barnes PR13

Other accessories include:

• Olive drab head band
• Helmet with camouflage cover
• Necklace with dog tag and can opener
• Bandoleer
• Compass pouch
• First aid pouch
• Watch
• Bracelet
• Cigarette
• Rucksack
• Two canteens with cover
• Entrenching tool (E-tool) with cover
• Figure stand with Sergeant Barnes nameplate and movie logo

Look for the Sergeant Barnes collectible figure to be released in the first quarter of 2011.

ht Platoon Serenger Barnes PR1 ht Platoon Serenger Barnes PR16

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