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Hot Toys' Barney Ross collectible figure from The Expendables movie was showcased in the movie premiere in Tokyo. And that Sylvester Stallone guy was actually holding the collectible figure...and it looks like he has given the sculpt his approval (umm...of course).

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He was interviewed for the premiere and was featured on Hot Toys' Japan website - Stallone said that he just can’t believe how great the figure is and is surprised by the details of the body tattoo and the hair style which are very accurate to his style in the movie. He also thanked Hot Toys for the support, adding that he has never seen such kind of great figure before and ranking Hot Toys as the no. 1 worldwide collectible figure company (umm...of course).

Oh...and that is Dolph Lundgren, who played Gunner Jensen in The Expendables, checking out the sculpt.

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