Release The Kings of Atlantis

ar WealthKing
ar WarKing

Today - Friday October 29th, 2010 - Cookies -n- Cream will be releasing The Kings of Atlantis from Argonaut Resins and Eric Nocella Diaz. They are handcrafted resin skulls and C-n-C will be releasing the fist set (5 pieces), consisting of the Wealth King, the War King, the Peace King, the Wisdom King, and the Sky King.

ar PeaceKing

All the Kings of Atlantis will come with a blind boxed Talisman magnet and also a certificate of authenticity from Eric. They will retail for $100.00 each and only be available via the Cookies -n- Cream online shop sometime this morning.

ar WisdomKing
ar SkyKing

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