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In the year 2045 a lot of things are different, yes they have hoverboards, flying cars and self lacing shoes, but somethings do not change. One thing that has not changed is Halloween, yes of course they have hologram sweets, hologram hoverbikes and massive robotic sweet collecting hands, but the core element behind the event stil runs through strong their blood.

The HEY YOU G.U.Y.S (G.U.Y.S stands for 'give us your sweets') strive to continue the tradition of knocking on doors and saying the immortal lines 'trick of treat'. They are the best of the best, albeit assisted by hologram elongated arms and robotic friends, but they really are the best, top of the pops, king of the castle, nobody beats them in the art of candy extraction.

tess masks off

Designed by Tesselate, each resin figure stands around 1.5" with masks off and 3.25" with their masks on. These will be released on October 19th 2010 at 6PM UK time for £19 (about $31) each plus postage/shipping through Tesselate's shop. The figures come with custom handmade packaging and will have some stickers bundled in with the package.

tess packaging

More details on each character is listed below:

tess bob jnr

Bob Junior

Bob Junior is the leader of the HEY YOU G.U.Y.S, at just 8yrs old he is the reigning world champion at Call of Duty : World War 6X, and has an amazing collection of alien artifacts from the mines of Mars. He sports a very traditional pumpkin style mask, but this is a special mask, it can amplify the size of the users hands by 15%, which is unbeleivably useful.

tess dodger


His close friend to us looks very odd, but in 2045 it is common place to have robots as friends. Dodger is a class 7 self compiling bio organic machine, who met Bob Junior one day down the Holopark and they have been best friends ever since. Things that are scary to humans are not necesarily scary to robots, so the mask which Dodger made himself, may look quite tame to us humans, but to a robot it's more terrifying than you could possibly imagine.

tess double jason

Double Jason

Double Jason is probably second in command of the HEY YOU G.U.Y.S but it's never really talked about. Jason is addicted to the online long running cartoon 'Massive Long Fun : Quattro Explosion'. The main character is a purple creature called Quattro, who has a right temper on him.

Most episodes of the cartoon revolve around Quattro driving hovercars into hovercar showrooms at varying speeds, whilst pulling comical faces out of the drivers side holowindow. It's all very strange, but Jason LOVES it, and has even decorated his halloween mask with two faces of his favourite online star.

tess andro dyandro

Andro Dyandro

The character with the skull themed mask there is Andro Dyandro. Andro's father was a fighter pilot in the battle for Saturn back in 2027 and was awarded 378 medals of honor for protecting General Zylok whilst he was under attack from The Darlonian Battle Elite. The skull design on Andro's mask is a homage to the designs emblazened onto his fathers fighter craft. The only real difference is that the skull on his fathers spaceship was 7000 times larger, and of course was a hologram.

Diamond K

Diamond K has known Double Jason ever since Kindergarten Level 17. They would sit around at lunchime and jam on their holorecorders, and sip on their power milk whilst watching the 1pm sunset. Diamond has his own brand and would not been seen dead wearing anything else, his trademark ice blue cool character can be seen on all of his merchandise, from holographic pencil erasers, all the way through to nanotech regenerating lollipops. Keep it cool, for school.


Solork is a recent arrival on earth, fresh from the gate network station of Coletril 6, which orbitsVenus. He moved to Earth with his parents back in 2043 and has been a member of the Hey You G.U.Y.S since meeting Bob Jnr at Holoschool. Interestingly, Halloween falls on the exact same day that Solork and his family celebrate President Day back on their home planet of Europa, so his mask is not necessarily meant to be scary, as it depicts their beloved leader, Krktyu the Great!

tess big ruprict

Big Ruprict!

Big Ruprict is the nemesis of the HEY YOU G.U.Y.S. Once he was a world renown cyber wrestler and held the universal heavyweight championship 74 times over was inducted into the UFZC Hall of Fame, but sadly had to retire after he took on Silon 9, who piledrived him into oblivion.

Since his retirement Ruprict hasn't had much to do in his plush house with 3 holopools and the biggest nano slide in the western hemisphere, so he focuses all his attention on making sure the HEY YOU G.U.Y.S do not get any sweets out of him when they come knocking.
His mask is an attempt to scare off the kids, but so far it has not worked, and they always managed to talk him around. That big grumpy Ruprict, has a heart of hologold!

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