Wisconsin based artist Daniel Allyn Lee has brought his magical world of Happycloud Thunderhead to the wall gallery inside Wholly Craft. The show, curated by Stephanie Rond, features paintings and plush creatures and will be on exhibit from October 6th through November 5th 2010.

His creatures are all inhabitants of the fictional kingdom of Thunderhead, of which Happycloud is a village. Just north of the village lies the Forgotten Forest, home to the plush monsters featured in this exhibit. Tiny but fierce, the monsters of the Forgotten forest have created their own society with unique rituals and celebrations, including the annual festival of Groonlocagrunzle. As depicted in one of the paintings, Groonlocagrunzle is the celebration of the goo slime harvest.

Wholly Craft
3169 N. High St.
Columbus, OH

Gallery Hours:

1PM - 8PM Weekdays
Closed on Tuesdays
Noon - 7PM Saturdays
Noon - 5PM Sundays

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