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With the opening of the Greetings from Mochimochi show in just over a week, gallery hanahou is giving a sneak peak of what to expect among the many inhabitants in the 10-foot, hand-knitted installation by craft artist Anna Hrachovec.

gh unicorns

"Special" Unicorns
The most magical thing about these guys are their magically low IQs. Half of them don't even know how to make toast.

gh city

Rat-infested City
These mild-mannered skyscrapers have given up on their rat problem, and they've even started giving names their verminous friends. The rats, on the other hand, think that naming a skyscraper would be ridiculous.

gh god

Only 20 percent of the population believes in him, so he returns the favor by being only 20 percent benevolent. He also acts all confused when someone makes an Elvis reference about his hair.

Greetings from Mochimochi - a weird world of fun and chaos hand-knitted by Anna Hrachovec - runs from October 7th  to October 29th 2010. The opening reception is Thursday, October 7th, from 7PM to 9PM.

gallery hanahou
611 Broadway
Suite 730

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