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Bryan of Paper Foldables fame has released the next paper piece from Bit.Trip - a series of retro-esque rhythm-themed Nintendo Wii (WiiWare) games starring CommanderVideo - is the Bit.Trip FATE Arcade Bank Box. This is the 3rd Paper Foldable for the Bit.Trip series and Bryan describes the design as follows:

My original idea was for an interactive diorama scene, sort of the inverse of what I designed for Bit.Trip RUNNER. Then I came up with the ol' skool arcade cabinet bank idea! Took some time to get the design just right but it was worth it, as I am really pleased with the outcome! The back of the foldable is the iconic CommanderVideo torso, turn around and it's an arcade machine complete with joystick and coin slot! Insert your loose change and use it as a bank! The bottom section pulls out, so you can use it as a hiding box too! Save up your quarters to download FATE!

And you can now download and make the Bit.Trip FATE Arcade Bank Box right here.

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