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A website called Six Revisions (Useful Information for Web Developers and Designers) posted an interesting article entitled Using The Web To Brand a Character. Written by Rosston Meyer, the article focuses on designer toys and the effect that the internet has had on the genre.

They list five examples of characters that are being effectively promoted on the web. The strange thing is that Wizy (the Wizard Sleeve Toys mascot) was one of them. I wasn't really sure that this was the best example...that is, until I saw the author worked "with Wizard Sleeve Toys on designer toy production and marketing efforts". (He also helped produce an animated commercial for the company)

Then, I thought...wait...Sket's Bacon Mad'L is a Wizard Sleeve Toys exclusive. So is this really an article about Using The Web To Brand a Character...or is the article just a part of those marketing efforts?

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