j pop summit vinyl village

The 2010 J-POP Summit Festival’s Vinyl Village takes place on Saturday, September 18th 2010 in San Francisco’s Japantown. In the Vinyl Village you’ll find weird, wacky and whimsical toys from Blamo Toys, Dragatomi, Kuso Vinyl, Neon Monster and Skullyboom. There will be plenty of surprises in store. If you think you already know these companies, prepare to see them in a whole new light.

The event runs from 11AM until 6PM. Come see Gothic Lolitas, the latest kawaii from Harajuku and graffiti by Estria. Hear rap, rock and remixes. Shop the Vinyl Village, Artists Alley and Anime Lane. Compete in the Pocky Chow Down. Enter the Yelp! raffle. Play SEGA’s new games. Meet Mori Chack. Sample sweets and sushi in the gourmet food court. And much more.

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