Cookies -n- Cream Exclusive Tuttz Wave 2

Cookies -n- Cream has unveiled Wave 2 of their Tuttz exclusives. This wave has a total of 5 pieces: 3 chase figures (Underworld, Bandit, Picasso) and 2 solid gold figures. … Read More

ESC-Toy Little Axe Snow Forest – Taiwan Exclusive

So…Erick Scarecrow released this teaser photo with little more that…well…this teaser photo. I lie. We actually do know that the figure is named Little Axe Snow Forest, and it’s a … Read More

Harold and Maude for Crazy For Cult

With the “Crazy For Cult: Customs” opening this coming Saturday (September 4th 2010), we’re beginning to see a number of the amazing custom pieces trickle in. This one is from … Read More