mimoco SW Stormtrooper Luke

Mimoco has announced the release of their limited edition and online exclusive Luke Skywalker and Han Solo Stormtrooper MIMOBOT USB flash drives. Previously, the Stormtrooper Unmasked MIMOBOT drives were sold as a blind assortment...with Han and Luke’s identity concealed until opened. With this limited edition of 500 units each, fans can purchase the character of their choice exclusively at Mimoco’s online store, with the added bonus of an extra cap bundled with the MIMOBOT drive.

The new item offers Luke or Han’s trademark locks along with the customary Stormtrooper helmet. “We’re thrilled to offer our customers the option of having their favorite characters masked or unmasked. The only choice now is the age old debate of Luke or Han,” says Evan Blaustein, CEO and founder of Mimoco.

mimoco SW Stormtrooper Han

The new characters join Mimoco’s growing Star Wars MIMOBOT USB flash drive line, including the new Series 6 characters released this summer: Yoda, Wampa, Hoth Luke, Snowtrooper, and Lobot. Both Luke and Han are available in a range of 2GB - 16GB of storage space and come preloaded with character-specific Star Wars MIMOBOT-themed images, wallpapers, and avatars.

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