KeyBotz - the brainchild of Swedish advertising creative and graphic designer Mathias Päres - have beeen released. A mix between designer toy, industrial design and functionality, these 2.5" tall might be the coolest way to carry your keys.

"My aim with KeyBotzTM is to become the humble northern hub of designer toys, to put Sweden on the 'designer toy map' by offering its body as a canvas for specially invited artists all around the world to create on" says Mathias.

The first series is from the “Scandinavian Masters” – an edition of seven figurines created by seven illustrators, graphic designers and artists in Scandinavia: Patrik Söderstam, Vår, Samuel Nyström (Reala), Kristofer Ström, Kokoro & Moi, Rami Niemi and Mathias Päres. A D.I.Y. version is also being launched. And a Japanese series is also in the making with big shots such as Itokin Park, Uamo, MadBarbarians, Goccodo, Art Denka, to mention a few.

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