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ESC-Toy will be releasing the Little Axe Snow Forest by Erick Scarecrow. This colorway is limited to 30 pieces worldwide and is a Vince Toy Studio & Shop Taiwan exclusive. Each 6" handpainted resin figure is signed, numbered, packed by theartist and comes with a lightweight removable axe accessory. The figures will be released on Friday September 10th 2010, and you'll need to contact for inquiries.

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Here is the background story:

Previously, an obnoxious wolf had lost one of his paws by the chop of a little girl's axe. His pride was hurt and he decided to trade some of his valuable fur for a weapon with a local blacksmith.

Time had passed and snow blanketed the forest. The wolf practiced with his weapon everyday. One afternoon, the wolf spotted another little girl dressed in white trying to chop wood. Flashbacks of his last encounter with a little girl drove him into a rage.

As he leaped aiming to cut her in two, her twin sister dropped from above and beheaded him. A trap set up by the Snow Forest Twins to grow their collection of wolf heads.

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