The genesis of the Turdular appears to be a rather complicated tale. It all began with Episode 135 of Toy Break. George mentioned he didn't like most vinyl figures labeled as Kaiju. This led to a lengthy debate on the Toy Break forums, where one of the users (Seismic Ace) mentioned something about a poo with claws.

So, Eric Wirjanata (Thunderpanda) decided to sketch up a character. And he passed them along to Ralph, who began sculpting work. And then Monsterforge came up with the story idea: Turdular! The Floater that WOULD NOT GO DOWN!!!!

turdular s

Now this is a toy that George can get behind.

When innocent sewer worker Jack Schmidt won the lottery his first act was to celebrate by hitting the all-you-can-eat seafood bar at the local surf'n'turf joint. Little did he know that one of the crabs he consumed had absorbed dangerous chemicals from an underwater dumping ground. As the chemicals mixed with his stomach contents a strange creature took shape. Wracked by pain like he had never felt in his entire life, Schmidt bolted for the restroom. With a mighty heave and a scream of agony, the abomination known as Turdular was born into the world of men... who knows what evil this beast is capable???? Who knows where he will strike next???? Beware the wicked, stinky claws of TURDULAR!!!!!

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