marshall ian

Tenacious Toys continues to reveal custom Marshalls from their upcoming Custom Marshall Blind-Box Series. Ian Ziobrowski, an art student who also works at Genuine Artikle, designed the above featured Nuggs custom. There will be three pieces of this design - as well as one chase variant - in the series.

marshall den

Den Ramos, a member of the Elite Gudz studio, painted up three of the above (plus one chase in BP green) custom Marshalls. These were submitted following the gulf oil they're most likely oil-covered, mutant fish.

marshalll ysol

LYS0L (aka Brian Ahlbeck) also created three of the above pictured custom Marshall piece. Plus, there's one variant. Just looking at this photo, it almost appears that this is a production piece. I love how it looks like a polished stone.

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