Unfortunately, in the designer toy business, companies come and go at a rather breakneck pace. One that we haven't heard from since December 2009 is Charles' Creature Cabinet. Looking at the site, it looks like everything just stopped on December 7th 2009.

After not receiving any responses to my emails to artist Charles Stephan, I decided to do some investigating. Maybe something happened...I thought. Well, his last Tweet was from February 11th 2010, and he continues to update his Facebook page. Then I found multiple sites with loads of instances of customers complaining about ordering and paying for dolls and not receiving them.

On the CCC Flickr page. A 22 page long (And growing) Den of Angels Forum page. And a Facebook page dedicated to bringing buyers dolls home.

Charles' work was some of the best handmade craftsmanship I've seen in the designer/doll realm. So what happened? I guess we'll just have to wait to find out...

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