batter 00 black evil servants batter 02 black evil servants

Eric Wirjanata (Thunder Panda) has revealed some new details on his upcoming exhibition taking place at the Plastic Culture store. I believe the show will be called "Things Aren't Getting Any Prettier in this Neighborhood"...what I do know for sure is that Eric has introduced a pair of new customs.

Batter is a member of the Black Evil Servants gang, which uses a scary/evil name to act cool. He's a mutant bat that was born at Kaizer's Labs (the gang's boss).

triclops 01 triclops 02

Triclops is a rare species of big foot, with golden antlers and three eyes.
Hunted by hunters, he's now attempting to save in the neighborhood. He wants to be friends with Batter, without becoming a member of the Black Evil Servants.

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