unlimted twins and pressbots

The Unlimited Twins are the newest resin figures from Tesselate.

The Unlimited Twins are a pair of Oakor who do everything to it's unlimited non limit. You want unlimited backflips? They can do it. You want unlimited toast? They can easily do that. And how about unlimited cheese? That is NO problem for these two.

They are so famed around the world, they are now filmed 24/7 by their own production company Unlimited Industries© and have both been assigned a Pressbot who never leaves their side. These bots have exclusive access and carry around their own press passes so people know exactly who they are.

Each package (2 available) comes with one Unlimited Twin, one Pressbot, a Pressbot press pass, and a bunch of cut vinyl stickers. They will be available on the Tesseshop beginning on August 25th 2010 at 7pm BST for £18 each (about $28).

unlimited twin blue full package unlimited twin red full package


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