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Mike from Slobots has created these new custom creations and named them the SUPbots. Each custom stands about 9” tall (about 13” to the top of the surfboard). Unfortunately, you can buy them. They were created as special commissions for an art collector who's obviously a fan of surfing. If you're interested in getting your own commissioned Slobot, you can check out the Slobot web store.

The SUPbots story is as follows:

The SUPbots are part of an elite team of slobots who travel the oceans of the world on their trusty Stand Up Paddleboards, setting dolphins free from fishermen’s nets and stopping the hunting of seals. They seek peace through education and force (if necessary,) while always being careful not to endanger humans or animals. A unique breed of slobot, the SUPbots are fluent in most dialects of dolphin and seal. They are also capable of speaking with sea animals telepathically.

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