SW6 snowtrooper MIMOBOT 644x237

Mimoco, maker of the pop-culture-infused collection of MIMOBOT designer USB flash drives, has announced its Star Wars MIMOBOT Series 6 lineup of character-based flash drives at Star Wars Celebration V. The four new characters – Yoda, Hoth Luke, Wampa and Snowtrooper -– and the joint 2010 San Diego Comic-Con and Celebration V exclusive, Lobot, are devoted to Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

SW6 snowtrooper MIMOBOT 3up SW6 wampa MIMOBOT 3up SW6 yoda MIMOBOT 3up SW6 lukehoth MIMOBOT 3up

At Celebration V, the new ‘bots will be featured at Mimoco’s booth, #312.Or you can pick one up directly from Mimoco in 2GB ($29.95), 4GB ($39.95), 8GB ($59.95) and 16GB ($89.95) capacities.

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