Artist PaperMonster did an amazing job documenting the events that went down during the Electric Windows Art Event, which took place a few weekends back. He compiled over 160 photos of the artists painting - as well as their finished pieces. Check them out HERE.

Artists participating in the event included:

Big Foot, Buxtonia, BoogieRez, Cern, Chor Boogie, Chris Stain, Chris Yormick, Depoe, Elbow Toe, Elia Gurna, Ellis G, Erik Otto, Eugene Good, Faust, Gaia, Joe Iurato, Kid Zoom, Mr Kiji, Logan Hicks, Lotem & Aviv, Michael De Feo, PaperMonster, Peat Wollaeger, Rick Price, Ron English, Ryan Bubnis, Ryan Williams, Skewville, and thundercut


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