Jouwe Custom Show will land in Germany

jouwe flyers

The Jouwe Custom Show will be hitting Germany this October. There will be a number of vinyl Jouwe customs (produced by Kuso Vinyl and Plastic Culture) on display from a rather impressive list of artists.

The show will actually hit up two establishments while in Germany. The Arty Farty Gallery in Cologne will host the event from October 2nd through the 23rd, and then Zimmermann & Heitmann in Duesseldorf will show the customs from October 30th through November 20th.

Featured artists include:

Manuel Heischel (Germany), Wolfgang Viseone (Germany), Van Hoa Nguyen (Germany), TheYellowDino (Indonesia), Theltem (Indonesia), Anthony Antz (Singapore), Andy Toysrevil(Singapore), RsinArt (US), Motorbot (US), 64 colors (US), Breeanz (Indonesia), Spencer Ong (Philippines), THS (Germany), Willow Art (Italy), Chauskoskis (Mexico), DasMo, Dust (Germany), Slurg (Germany), Reactor88, Lazy65, James_yeah, Drilone, and Nakanari

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