Corey Helford Gallery presents “Donut Logic”, a solo exhibition of new works by San Francisco artist Eric Joyner. For his third solo exhibition at the gallery, Joyner unveils a new twist to his decade-long odyssey of donuts and robots. “Donut Logic” will also debut the addition of cupcakes to Joyner’s signature glazed landscapes.

Twenty paintings make up Joyner’s constellation of oil-on-panel works. And the exhibition will feature a rare portrait of a female robot from the classic science fiction film Metropolis, dressed as a geisha posing in front of a cherry blossom tree. “Though the scene is lush, Maria (robot) makes the scene a bit unsettling” Joyner adds.

“Donut Logic” opens to the public on Saturday, August 14th from 7PM until 10PM, and the exhibition will be on view until September 1, 2010.



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