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Voltron and Stealth Robot Nekobots

nekobot voltron

The folks from Incubot have released a pair of new Nekobot figures. The first, pictured above, will be made available later this month. It's, of course, a Voltron: Defender of the Universe Nekobot (with a 2GB USB Flash drive in there as well). He will include a sword.

Below is the limited edition Stealth Robot Nekobot (also 2GB in size). This 3.5" tall Nekobot is exclusive to Think Geek and can be purchased for $39.99.

nekobot stealth thinkgeek


[…] Nowadays with flash drives being able to come in such huge capacities while still remaining relatively compact, we wonder why some companies even bother making hard drives with small amounts of storage space. The exception would be hard drives that are super cool like this Voltron Nekobot Flash Drive. The drive holds a small but manageable 2GB after you split him apart at the waist. It is definitely cool and passable in terms of memory, but we wonder why they didn’t just add a bit more. [PlasticandPlush] […]

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