Sucklord Takes SDCC 2010

suckadelic Gay Empire II

The Super Sucklord will be hitting San Diego Comic Con with plenty of new toy releases and several signings. His schedule looks like this:

Thursday July 22
DKE Toys (booth 4732) at 11AM
Gay Empire V2 - $60

Friday July 23
Onell Design (booth 4937) at 3PM
Pink Man Problem, Spray2-V2 (first batch), Children Toy Exclusive, Something cool for the Glyos System

Saturday July 24
Onell Design (booth 4937) at 3PM
Calgrim collab, Spray2-V2 (batch 2)

Sunday, July 25
DKE Toys (booth 4732) at 11 AM
Gay Empire V2

suckadelic Pink Man Crew


5 thoughts on “Sucklord Takes SDCC 2010

  1. I will never understand how it is that Lucas allows this talentless hack to live. I say send in the imperial guard and shut his a$$ down!

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