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San Diego Comic Con 2010 was another big year for Mimoco (remember they really debuted at SDCC many moons ago - 5 years). The pre-released several Star Wars Mimobots: Snowtrooper, Yoda, Wampa, and Luke Skywalker (Hoth). And the SDCC10 Exclusive Star Wars Mimobot was Lobot (1,000 pieces).

Also premiering at the Con were the Dr. Knowledgeus and Hello Kitty Nerd Mimobots. And Mimoco's second SDCC10 exclusive was the Isadore Glo (500 pieces).

Booth Favorite: Wampa Mimobot
How can you beat a Mimobot flash drive that's taken the form of the Wampa? Well...maybe if you could chop off his arm. But as we all celebrate the anniversary for The Empire Strikes Back, Mimoco has given collectors several great characters from that film.


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