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R. Crumb has released a 12 inch tall Mr. Natural statue, which is made of a light colored sandstone and hand-carved in Bali. It is based upon the small 4.5 inch statue of Mr. Natural released in 1984. These new, bigger statues were commissioned by Alex Wood, of Wildwood Serigraphs, who personally oversaw the production in Bali. (Robert was insistent that he have no part in exploited labor, and that the carvers be paid more than their usual salary.) Note that these are carved, not cast, so expect the texture and small irregularities of hand craftsmanship.

The edition will consist of a total 40 statues. Only 15 are currently available, with the remaining 25 statues to be delivered later this year. You can pick up one of these hand-carved and hand-painted pieces for $345 plus $40 shipping (US) or $65 shipping (Canada).

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