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You thought we wouldn’t notice…

jon schiller sins casshern

Reader Sir Donuts came across something rather interesting. After seeing artwork for Jon Schiller's upcoming SINS! line, he thought something looked familiar. Well, if you check out his "Jon Schiller Likes To Trace" post, you can see some rather striking similarities between Jon's "original" SINS! line and some other anime characters.

I know of a number of artists who read the site here at Plastic and Plush and I would really be interested in their feedback. Do you think this is a case of "unintentional similarities" or "flat-out plagiarism"? Has your artwork ever been copied and passed off as someone else's original?

jon schiller sins lenalee


Matt Walker’s Cosmic Squadron

dpd cosmic

One of the pleasant Comic-Con surprises was the introduction of Matt Walker's (Dead Presidents Designs) new line of rotocast vinyl figures. The Cosmic Squadron currently features four designs: Atom, Rayon, No-Mad and HazmaT.

The line is really well-made, feel great in your hands and give off a big retro feel to them. And the best part? They're available for $65.00 each. (Although they're currently sold out, more should be coming soon)

Sad News from I Want Your Skull


This was very sad to read. Unfortunately, a little over two weeks ago, Ryan August of I Want Your Skull was involved in a fatal car accident that cost him his life. Please keep his family in your thoughts. You can contribute your memories/stories/thoughts to a Facebook page in his memory.

On Saturday, July 11th… my husband, Ryan August, and our son Declan were in a car accident on their way home from Atlanta. They were driving through a storm when Ryan’s car left the road and struck a tree. Declan, secured in his car seat, made it through with minor cuts and bruises. Ryan died on impact.

Ryan was a wonderful husband and the most devoted father I have ever seen. I cannot not begin to imagine our lives without him….

I know that he has many friends out there and I wanted to let everyone know what happened. Right now there is so much to deal with that I am struggling to keep it all moving…. but when I can I will set to honoring his commitments involving I Want Your Skull and its related blog. Right now I am focused on our son and trying to understand the unfathomable.

Tuttz Bubble Gum Edition Wave 2

argo BubbleGumTuttzWave2B

END of Argonaut Resins posted up this nice, little teaser of Wave 2 of his resin Tuttz Bubble Gum Edition. These will each come with the hand sewn custom carry bag vinyl packaging (similar to Wave 1). Eric has really been kicking the Wave 2 designs up a notch...just you wait and see.

Gammorean Guard Custom PigQee

jpk gammorean

During all of the Comic-Con madness, we almost missed out on this great custom from one of our favorites - Jon Paul Kaiser. This is a 2.5" PigQee custom done up to look like a Gammorean Guard from Return of the Jedi. This one isn't for sale as it's currently en route to Toy2R USA for their ongoing Qee 15 Year Celebration exhibition.

Rotten Revenge Dollies

rotten revenge

There appears to be a new line of Rotten Dollies from Alana Moffatt. Entitled Rotten Revenge Dollies, all that we're getting to date is this teaser image with a "Coming Soon". We'll let you know more when details are announced.

FabriQee Collection – Doink Series

FabriQee Doink 02

Toy2R has released the 21 inch tall FabriQee Collection starting with the Doink Series. Using the original sold out Qee designs created by Doink, Toy2R has developed this 100% Cotton plush line of Qee characters. These are limited to a total production run of 840 pieces - 120 pieces per color. They are available in 7 colors; Orange, Black, Red, Purple, White, Yellow and Blue - with the front and back designs printed exactly to the artists specifications.

Adventure Time – Finn Paper Foldable


Bryan of Paper Foldables latest project is creating a full collectible set for Cartoon Network's mathematically algebraic new show - Adventure Time. The hero boy of the show, "Finn", is first up on the official website in the downloads section as "Paper Cut Outs". There will be one released every week, so keep checking back and collect them all. You can download them here.



Specimen #8


Straight from the reef of Planet 44 and measuring in at 5" of iridescent blue and purple resin plaster, this one off Specimen #8 figure was released by artist DMS-One for £7.99 (about $12.50).

Mutiny of the Flesh by JR Goldberg

LTD Tee JR Goldberg email

If androids dream of electronic sheep, do rabbits have nightmares? Los Angeles illustrator J.R. Goldberg, has dedicated countless hours of scientific research on sleeping bunnies to explore the depths of their depravity. What she found is that these warm and fuzzy, seemingly docile creatures, harbor dark and murderous desires just like us humans.

The Mutiny of the Flesh box set is available for presale one week only from LTD Tee from July 26th until August 1st. The set will run $24.99 and are available in both men’s and women’s sizes. You can use discount code "plasticandplush" to save 20% off your entire order - until August 1st.