R5 CivilWar Qee

Dan "R5" Barojas was inspired by slavery and the quest for freedom during the Civil War when he created the Freedom Qee custom. This one is for the Civil War show that opened yesterday at the Spaghetti Project in Fredricksburg, VA.

The "Freedom Qee" features large face area where the toy has been treated with chalk writing paint and it is an interactive and has a writable surface, people are encouraged to write on the face with an anti-slavery quote.

Additionally there is a book provided that has quotes from civil war abolitionists and persons of importance from the era as well as civil war quilt patterns that were used by slaves to communicate throughout in the underground railroad from South to North. The back of the Qee features the anti-slavery and abolitionist seal as well as civil war slave quilt patterns on the hands and legs, also its on abase and comes with chalk and a book.

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