Argonaut Resins has announced that their Bubble Gum Tuttz Wave 2 resins will drop today (Thursday July 29th) at 12 Noon EST. There are a total of 6 pieces in this wave, all of which will be available to purchase through the Argonaut Resins online store.


Wave 2 will include 2 purple tints, 2 pink tints and 2 new solid airbrushed cats. Each will come with signed Certificates of Authenticity (by END and Terrence) and a custom hand sewn vinyl bag packaging made by Terrence O'Neal of Obed.

Each set will go for $80.00 (plus $10 S&H US and more for overseas depending on the cost of USPS Express mail).

BBGtuttz2 BBGtuttz3 BBGtuttz4 BBGtuttz5 BBGtuttz6 BBGtuttz1


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